what is the APK file and How does and it works?

In this post, you’re going to learn about what exactly is the APK file?

  • What is the purpose of apps?
  • How do APK Apps work?

let’s Dive Right in:

If you are using a smartphone, I’m sure you have heard once about Android APK.

what is apk
what is apk

What is an APK File?

well, in case, if you don’t know about APK file I will tell you in detail about the android APK app file and what can be the parts of that file.

Suppose you are using Windows on your PC, note that most of the default programs that you have installed and the programs you installed on your computer are files with the .exe extension, which is exactly what APKs do on Android smartphones.

So do I need to install APKs on my smartphone!

The answer is yes! For one main reason:

The official Google store puts some restrictions on downloading certain applications and games for certain geographical areas, or specifically for some countries that have economic or political sanctions and thus are banned and restrict users of these countries to access these applications and games “including more than an Arab country”

Other reasons include that downloading games and apps in APK format ensures that you sometimes have access to apps before they are officially launched in the official Google store and therefore have the opportunity to try out some features before others.

You can also update your mobile operating system to the latest version by downloading the APK update file without waiting for a long time depending on the name of the manufacturer of your smartphone.

But isn’t this dangerous on my mobile phone!

Yes, the possibility of getting an APK full of malware and malware is highly incoming as it turned to untrusted sites, so be careful when you install such applications and games, and my advice to you should be your last choice in your search for applications and games when you find that all roads have been closed In your face and you are looking for a specific application or game.

The official Google store should be your first destination in your search for applications and games, with deep search, and try some options for the application itself, some times you find that there are some famous applications that may come with a paid version, and in deep search find some alternatives that are available to you free and lead the same purpose.

So where do I look for apps in APK?

There are a lot of sites that I have searched for where there are applications available in the form of APK, but be careful not every site likes to trust so easily, many of these sites trying to provide these applications for free, and at the same time these applications carry a lot of malware Malicious ones, especially those that ask you when you have installed access to your contact list, network, or camera.

Just as there are some malicious sites that issue malware via these apps and games in the form of APK, there are also some sites that you can trust when you download apps and games, the most famous APK PURE and APK Mirror

How to download and install APK files on my mobile phone?

There are two ways you can download and install these files:

Method 1:

1- Access the official website to download APK files via the browser on your PC.

2. After you find the application you want, look for the download button “often next to the name of the application or below”, click on the download button.

3- The application will be downloaded to your computer, when you look at it at first glance you will see that the file name is an extension of APK.

4 – Now the file is ready, and to install it on your phone you must first transfer it to your smartphone, and this is depending on your options by transferring it to one of the famous transfer applications such as application SHAREit or any way you see fit, the most important is to transfer it to the smartphone.

5. Before transferring you must enable the option to allow the installation of third-party applications on your mobile phone and this comes to enter your mobile phone settings file via Settings> Security> tick the approval of the option to allow the installation of third-party applications.

Settings> Security> check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store

5 – After making sure that the file has been transferred to your smartphone, just press the Install button or Run and you will find that the installation wizard starts working, and after a few seconds find that the application has been installed on your phone, and you can open it and enjoy all its features with ease.

Method 2:

Via the browser in your mobile phone directly, by going to the site and after finding the application you can press the download button and download it to the mobile phone and install it directly, but this is only in case you have an antivirus application on your mobile phone that can check this application before installing it on the phone.

And another way is by downloading the official APK app store, which is provided by most trusted sites to search and download directly from this store and make upgrades and updates to apps pre-installed on your smartphone.

General tips:

  • Always go to popular sites with high ratings and do not hurry and click on any site and start downloading immediately before ensuring the safety of the site completely, such as sites that use the protocol encryption secure https.
  • If you download the file from your PC, check it thoroughly with your antivirus before you start transferring it to your mobile phone.
  • It is recommended that you have one of the most popular virus-scanning applications on your mobile phone if you download these files directly from your mobile phone.
  • Read the comments and reviews from other users about this app carefully before deciding whether to download it from your PC or mobile phone, to get an idea of ​​the app in general and to know if you will have problems downloading it to your mobile phone.
  • When deciding to download you should make sure that you will need this application.

The Android Application Package APK is a file format that is used to install and deploy Android apps and games on smartphones using the system.

If we want to install an APK file into our phone or PC how can we install an APK File?

So, one thing I would say that..!

Our smartphone cannot work without an APK file. So, why an APK is so important for a mobile phone?

In this article, you will learn everything about an APK File.

APK is a software extension of an android package. An extension is a format of any software. if you have ever noticed that a music file always has a .mp3, .mp4 or .mkv file format at the end of our title. the same as APK is an extension of android files we run in our Phones.

Do we have to know first that what is a software package?

if you want to install an app you need a file extension e.g Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

An Android Game or App can be consist of:

  • Audio Sound
  • Game or APP Licence
  • Code
  • Certificate

these all files are created separately. by merging all of these files, an APK file is came into existence.

here, a question is raised that what are the parts of APK File?

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